EP48 True Fans vs Posers

Today is Sean Dizzle’s birthday, but he doesn’t like celebrating it. So, first off, send him some love at any of the links below.

Secret Time: Sean admits to being a Pyro and the boys talk about the joys of owning dogs and love of Target.

Fans vs Posers is about those who claim to be big fans, but don’t know basic things about who they claim to love. How does that translate to Christianity? Is church the same way?

How do we respond as True Fans of Christ to those who are obviously Posers?

People enjoy tribes and many people ascribe their worth to who they follow. True fans love and know about who they follow, while posers don’t. Should we call them out or let them be?

Truth be told, there are and always will be different level’s of intimacy in any relationship, so we have no room to judge. There is no competition. People love differently. So if a Poser says he/she loves Christ, then we let them be.

For a late topic, Michael and Sean discuss how “Outsiders” view Christians, and how some Christians are severely awkward and weird inter representation of Christ. But we all have a personal responsibility to live a life worthy of the Grace of God.


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