EP64 Tom Collins, 007, & What Ministry Should Be

Sean discovers Tom Collins…but puts his own twist on it. Call it, the “Sean’s Tom Collins”.

Then the boys discuss movies and generations. Which leads to a convo about the new 007 movie with Lashana Lynch….side bar, Sean tells a story of how he was named after Sean Connery, but everyone initially thought he was a girl. Interesting story. Then the boys get back to ragging on all the remakes of movies and how Hollywood can’t come up with any new ideas.


Sean gets nostalgic about his years living in Arkansas and the 1994 National Champion RazorBacks. Sooie Pigs! He tells stories of how he lived and traveled with his Grandpa. This leads to an interesting discussion about traveling in ministry.

Then the boys talk about a local church in Michigan that paid off almost $3 million dollars in medical debt in their community. This is what the church should be.


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Church isn't a building. People are the church. Screw the building. We're the UnChurched. Our aim is to re-examine church and church culture in american society...and to just hangout.

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