EP67 Question What You Think

Nature is a cruel bitch and the boys question why God created certain things in the world. Not questioning his sovereignty but talking about the sucky parts of it. Job is a perfect example of crap and faith. And there are just certain things we will never understand. 

The boys take a hard transition to prayer. Why do we bow our heads and close our eyes to pray? Daniel prayed while kneeling and got thrown into the lion’s den as a result (book of Daniel chapter 6). But is there a requirement in scripture to pray in a certain posture?


There are so many things we learn in Church culture…but how do you unlearn things that are unhealthy or not required for your relationship with God? How do you handle the culture shock of no longer going to church? Your weekends are free, but is your mind? There are things that you do in church culture that no one else does. But you don’t do those things when you are out of that setting. It’s not right or wrong, but we need to have a conversation about it. 

We should question what we think we know to be right. We don’t serve tradition, we serve Christ. The other thing is to have friends that will question what you do. You need to challenge yourself and have a relationship with others that challenge you. 


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