EP70 Thoughts From A Potty Break

The boys get super introspective out the gate. Can you say that you are a patient person if your patience never gets tested? Do you make excuses for your behavior or do you rise to the challenge and exercise your virtues?


Then the boys start a discussion on how to filter through the virtue challenges. What ways do you try to minimize your stress? Do you work out, make a joke, or punch a wall? Everyone is different and pobody’s nerfect!

Jesus reacted to temptations perfectly and without sin, but we are not Him! What do Christians do when bad things happen? Do we react the way we should or just the way we feel? What we believe about our problems will either reinforce our pain or help us to a place of change.

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Church isn't a building. People are the church. Screw the building. We're the UnChurched. Our aim is to re-examine church and church culture in american society...and to just hangout.

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