EP78 Hard Balls

Fall beer season is upon us, and Sean is enjoying his with a rim job. The time is nearing for the arrival of Sean and Brooklyn in Detroit. But will they come with Hans or without?

How did we skip to Christmas? Sean wants to watch scary movies, decorate and go trick or treating. Do you decorate or trick or treat? Is it the “Christian” thing to do? Or do you “Trunk or Treat”.


Did we actually go to the moon?

Sean is using YouTube TV. And the boys talk about how much tv is too much tv.

How far is too far? Should the world cater to your every whim?

Sean teaches Michael how to talk Boston.


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Church isn't a building. People are the church. Screw the building. We're the UnChurched. Our aim is to re-examine church and church culture in american society...and to just hangout.

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