EP90 Santa, Football, & Retirement

After 4 attempts at recording, EP 90 is finally here. Sean has sucky internet.

Sean and Brooklyn do a long weekend shoot for Santa. If Santa is real, he lives in SO IL.


Michael has fun almost telling Sean about all the football he missed this weekend during the shoot. This leads to a convo about football in general. Is it too much to ask that the players keep their tempers in check while playing the game? At what point does the NFL make a serious stand against violence?

If the penalty is great enough, will it mitigate the behavior?

The conversation moves to a tweet from LBJ mentioning Tom Brady…which leads to a conversation about Pastors who don’t retire and pass the baton to the next generation… or raise up the next generation to succeed in their absence.

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Church isn't a building. People are the church. Screw the building. We're the UnChurched. Our aim is to re-examine church and church culture in american society...and to just hangout.

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