EP145 Quarantine Update: 16

Michael has an explosion after eating some bad cheese and the boys have a good laugh. Sean and Brooklyn have a bout with some “Spanish” food.

Michael has internet again, now we can get back to work. Sean has his mojo back, so again, he’s the man!

More deaths from Covid. How do the funerals work? 

A Louisiana pastor gets arrested for violating order to close the church during this pandemic. He also tried to hit a protestor with a bus. So many may look at this and say, they don’t want this kind of Jesus. But this guy does not represent the true Christ of the Bible. Here’s the article for your input. Let us know what you think.

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Church isn't a building. People are the church. Screw the building. We're the UnChurched. Our aim is to re-examine church and church culture in american society...and to just hangout.

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