un·churched /ˌənˈCHərCHt/

Not belonging to or connected with a Church.

What is the unchurched podcast?

The simple answer is we are two friends raised in church who studied to become ministers and eventually left the four walls because the questions we asked were shunned.

The longer answer:

We are two friends that question. A lot. Not because we hate church or are satan worshipers, but because we hold true to our faith (having studied the Bible for years) and want to discover how our faith should be lived in our culture today. What does the Bible mean now. How should a christian act and react to the sociatal norms that are being formed in America and the world. To be cliché, what would Jesus do if He was among us today?

From pop culture, to church life, and most everything in-between, we want to talk about it. Not that we have all the answers but that by opening dialogue we might just find some truth or at least agree to disagree along the way. After all, how does one learn without trials. If iron sharpens iron we shouldn’t shy away from questioning our beliefs.

We believe if God is who he claims in the Bible then questioning and searching for truth won’t leave him shaking in his boots. We believe God will show himself through our questioning. We believe his grace is big enough to hold up to our thinking. Our questioning. We believe that the “church” needs to re-examine its priorities. Our gaol is to be a voice in our culture to re-think how church acts, reacts, and operates in our society.

So, will you join the conversation? Are you willing to question, be wrong, struggle, and ask the tough questions that seem too far from a lot of the pulpits of todays American churches?

Well then…

We ask you to Join the convo. Question, struggle, dive into the most important dramatic story of all time with us.

What Others Are Saying

I appreciate Michael & Sean for telling it as they see it-the way I see it! Thank you guys for being real, honest, raw and open!!

Mama Bug

It’s so refreshing to finally hear Christians provide relevant content and their views to not be so “churchie”.


Love to hear your guys take on Christianity today. It makes so much sense and I find your thoughts refreshing.


Like to be on the podcast?

We’re always looking for others to join the conversation. Get in touch and you might just find yourself on an upcoming episode.

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