EP236: Thoughts & Prayers 2

Last episode before the boys record again in person. Sean is finally getting excited. The boys eventually get into another conversation about prayer. Being unchurched, does prayer become more obligatory? Is that ok if it does? There is a lot of guilt about praying only when you need something. But there is still something to beContinue reading “EP236: Thoughts & Prayers 2”

EP232: Happy Mothers Day

Shout out to all the moms for Mom’s Day. Near or far, let’s celebrate. And don’t forget the moms who have lost their children to different circumstances. Our love and hearts to them as well. Today also marks three years of the podcast. Over 15k plays over three years. The boys rap about the journeyContinue reading “EP232: Happy Mothers Day”

EP227: Ketchup Mustard

It’s called a “hangover”. Sean has fun in St. Louie and nerds out about cameras. Michael talks video. Then the convo goes to how crazy social media is. First Toilet paper, then hand sanitizer, now ketchup- restaurants around the country are struggling to get it because everyone has all the stock at home. This ofContinue reading “EP227: Ketchup Mustard”