EP120 Happy 1st Day of Spring

The boys declare themselves free of C-19. It’s the first day of Spring…well, on the day of this recording. Worldometer.info for the latest stats on the virus. The U.S. has gone from 2 cases to over 10,000 in a matter of weeks. Maybe this is a bigger deal than what we thought…but there still is a sense that the media is making a bigger deal than what it should be.

Our hearts go out to all those that are losing their jobs, or insurance due to the virus.

Sean works from home every day. Michael asks for tips on how to not go crazy. Apparently it’s important to establish a routine and have discipline. Sounds boring.

Church should be from home, no? If you need help or someone in your community needs help, there are resources out there to help you show Christ.

Get assistance from the United Way by calling: 1(866)211-9966.

EP119 The Church’s Response to C-19

Potus calls C-19 the “Chinese Virus”. That really sucks. Michael shares a conspiracy theory. Many states are banning crowds of more than 50. 
But, we have to vote?

What should the Christian response be to the virus? We want to help others, but we also need to consider our own well being. The boys discuss some cool options to give back.

If we can’t go to church, will this change the way we do life? Can the church survive on a model where you don’t have people coming to the four walls?

EP118 Close Everything!

Sean has a new toy. He also has a cough, but he declares himself Corona free.

Small businesses are going to suffer. The State of IL has declared a state of emergency and all the bars and restaurants will be closed to the public. 
This leads to a discussion on productivity with technology and working from home.

Then, the boys finish up talking about gratitude. Despite the virus, we should be thankful that we are so spoiled in this country.

EP117 Authority & God’s Sovereignty

TP is disappearing, but Sean and Brooke get lucky. Coronavirus is causing mass hysteria.

The boys go back to their previous conversation about the spiritual realm and having authority in Christ. Does an UnChurched believer still have spiritual authority?

When we pray, we should consider not only our faith and confidence in God’s ability, but also His sovereignty.

If a believer keeps authority outside of the church, where does the authority come from? Sean quotes Hillsong, “The same power that conquered the grave lives in me.” 
The boys finish the Pod exploring why were were created.

EP116 Coronavírus, Kleptomania & the Spiritual Realm

Coronavirus scare. Is it media hype, or is there really a problem?
Sean and Michael discuss kleptomania. 

Michael gives his thoughts on the church’s failure in preparing kids for the dangers of the spiritual world. We need to talk to our kids about spiritual things. There is a difference between spirits and demons. 

Because of Jesus’ authority, we don’t have to fear death or the spiritual realm. We have authority in Christ. We need to teach this fact to our children. It’s part of our purpose as Christian parents.