EP179: What If We Changed Our Beliefs?

Sean gets Taco Bell. Why do they get such a bad rap? Sean also gets into smoking. First ribs, then his first pork butt.

Apparently, Ellen is a jerk.

3D vs 5D? So many people are gullible and so many are predators. They take advantage of the sheep.

There are things we believe just because we were taught it from childhood. Is it ok to reject those after being challenged as an adult?

Sean gets nostalgic, and Michael gets a little cynical. We need to get back to interviews. Help us out. Drop us a line and let us know if you want to be on.

EP178: Rock the Joey

Michael is still painting. Why is it so expensive? Sean is not listening to podcasts these days…but comedy is still a huge turn on.

Covid still sucks and its getting boring sitting inside all day. The boys discuss what it takes to break up the monotony.

There is a new feature in apple and google phones that can exchange data and communicate if you have a risk of Covid exposure for locations.

Michael and his mom got tested. Both the active virus and antibody test. Both came back negative. Michael is bummed about the antibody results.

The boys also discuss the frustration of a half a million people dying from cigarettes a year and it’s not called a pandemic. It doesn’t take away from Covid, but health should be part of the discussion.

Michael doesn’t have ghosts in the house #goodnews.

EP174 Pride Sandwiches

A/C is out at the Hines chateau. Trump wants to remove TikTok from America. Covid is still rampant. Sean braves a new pizza joint. tastemade.com

Sports are starting back up. Life is weird. The boys discuss life in Covid and what they are doing to bide their time. Both are loving cooking playing Fortnight.

The boys have a convo about home projects and pride. 
“Pride sandwiches are not that very filling.”

EP173 Fortnite and Corona Talk

Sean and Michael are playing Fortnight. Sean is already better after one day of playing. Michael is super jelly.

Michael had a birthday. He’s “38 & Feeling Great”. 
Covid is spiking. Some parents are having Covid parties. But, we should be discussing prevention, healthy diet, and sun exposure. All go towards defeating the virus.

Sean is quitting smoking. But not cigars. Masks are required everywhere and people suck and don’t want to wear them.

Ending on a lighter note: Sean cut the beard and is growing a goatee.