EP114 Interpretation Is Open for Debate

The boys start out the gate talking about Sanders 2020…Barry, not Bernie! Possible Brooks for VP. 

The boys eventually get to a conversation of truth. What’s important to salvation and what in the Bible seems to just be debatable? Do you defend the whole Bible when talking to people, or do you, like Michael, just ignore the things that are non essential?

EP113 Midweek Hang

The boys start off talking about different podcasts and their value. People listen in different places for different reasons, but voice is becoming more and more important to people’s everyday lives. Sean also loves music and realized he listens to more podcasts than music but suggests “Snarky Puppy” as a good one to add to your musical playlist.

We celebrate over 12,000 plays and thank you for listening!

EP112 Unchurched Values pt1

Shout out to the Prez to start. Michael and the boys are smoking a brisket. But no 17th Street Magic Dust…blame Sean 🙄.

The boys talk a little convo about poop again, and the carnivore diet. Then they turn to a convo on keeping values even when you are unchurched. We have the danger or losing values when we are out of the four walls…depending on our maturity level.


We have two choices: make an extra effort to live Christian values, or lose them.

Values the boys discuss include gratitude, honesty and respect. Discussing values doesn’t mean we’ve mastered them. But the fact that we have values means that we have something to practice. No one has arrived to perfection. Having values gives us goals of maturity to reach.

EP111 Church Lures

Max keeps throwing up on Michael and the Davids are rebranding.
Michael is working on breaking 230. So, he’s starting an elimination diet to shed some LBs.

Hard transition: technology in church. When church becomes about the “show”, we miss the “why” we do church.


The production may bring people in, but it’s the gospel that should compel them to stay. But, should the production be the draw? Every fisherman has his favorite lure and no one can really say what is the best.

EP110 Conspiracies Of GOVT & Church

Count Drac starts off the episode and Michael cracks a dad joke 🙄. Sean is settling into his new recording studio and promises to send Michael some Magic Dust from 17th BBQ.

Prayers for the passengers of the Diamond Princess ship that is quarantined in Japan. Which leads to a conspiracy theory discussion of its origins. How much is the government involved and if so, how much?



The boys take a hard segway to church and why many are empty today. There are so many reasons for people leaving the church. Money is a major reason. If churches were up front about where the money goes, people may be more apt to attend and donate.

Fundamentals should be improved upon, not regressed.


What are your thoughts?

EP109 Black History Month & Coronavirus

Sean has recovered from a bad bug of sorts…sorry we missed our Sunday EP.

We shout-out the prez of the fan clubs B-day. Happy Birthday Laurel!


It’s black history month. We kinda talk about it…but not really. Then we talk about the Coronavirus. Is the cure Hot Totties? We don’t know….but we’ll try it 😉.

EP108 Just Need A Break

Sean is recording in his new studio. Michael has a great joke, even though he doesn’t tell it correctly…and barely delivers the punch line.

Super Bowl talk: Sean misses most of it, Michael had a blast with a party, cigars, and a great “dad” moment.


The boys transition to being selfish vs being selfless. What does it mean to love and is there a difference between that and being taken advantage of?

EP107 Entertainment Faith

Michael introduces “No Beer February”…while Sean records in the kitchen on a wheely kart and gives dating advice.

Then the boys talk about kids and the benefit of being bored, being allowed to fail, and not being consumed by things that entertain.


This leads to a parallel with the church. Many of our pastors just entertain and never challenge people to action. With a challenge to action, we have the opportunity to fail and ultimately grow.

It’s easy to show your faith in a church. There is nothing wrong with that. But the real faith is lived and practiced outside of the four walls.


What are your thoughts?


EP106 Reflections On Kobe

Michael Finally has a new water tank! We have a New Drop for Good news! Love for the family of Kobe. May he rest in peace.

When people die, you feel something…but do you when you don’t have a connection? Can we learn something from the global response to it?


We all know we will die one day. Should we live our lives differently knowing that fact? We always assume there is “tomorrow”.



What do you think?

Let us know ⤵️.