EP57 Salvation Outside Of The Church

Sean has a Voodoo Ranger, but thinks it’s a founder. Secret: it’s from New Belgium Brewing. But it’s ok, he talks in a terribly Spanish accent. It leads to a plan for the recording in SO IL where we’ll taste test the famous All Day IPA vs All Night IPA from Founders Brewing.

Then the boys rant about Social Media and the hostile environment online today. Sean doesn’t do much social media anymore and the boys talk about why. With all the hostility online, the cure may be a good ol fashion ass whoopin for some kids.

Michael gets asked why he no longer pastors a church.
After some banter, the boys get deep about salvation outside of the Church.

Can you still be a Christian after leaving the Church? So many churches are more like a country club. Is that ok and is that something you would like to be a part of?

Once you leave a church or organization, then you can fully challenge the teachings and doctrine you’ve been taught. Is it OK to question things?

Church is not the building, it’s the people. Screw the building, we’re the UnChurched!

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EP56 Ride Sharing, Mary Jane, and Child Rearing

Michael and Sean starts up talking Uber vs Lyft.

Michael decides his pronoun is “Them, They, Their”.

The boys discuss Michael’s upcoming trip to SO IL. Marijuana is legal in there in January 2020.


That leads to a discussion on legalization and weed and the Bible.

Back to language: Why does Sean love swearing so much?

Proverbs 22:6 comes next. How do you train your child in their faith? And how do you live out your own faith in front of them?

Michael wants to do stand-up and gives his opening joke. Then he tells a dirty joke that’s not safe for kids. Enjoy.

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EP55 Happy F#@!’n Fathers Day

Michael and Sean celebrate Father’s day…well, sorta. In this episode, you’ll get a couple different perspectives based on two separate experiences with fathers.

We discover that all Fathers love sexting. And Sean loves “ball juice”.


Michael eats squirrel and passes the tradition down to his son. Kinda gross but at least he is introducing his son to hunting.

The guys also get real about what is good about fathers day and the problem with soft men.

Michael is still without a fridge and there is a lot of complaining about 1st world problems. But they eventually get back to father’s day and the conversation gets real right before closing.

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EP54 Babel To Me Baby

Michael and Sean catch up and crack jokes about water.

They nerd out about languages and Michael speaks a little portuguese.


That leads to a conversation about the tower of Babel. Why do we have different languages? Did they really try to build a literal “tower” or was it some other technology they obtained to reach the heavens? It’s getting weird.

Sean admits he believes in evolution…to an extent.

After getting real weird, the boys talk about going live on video. We appreciate all the listeners!

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EP53 Death, Fake News, & G.O.T.

Michael loses his aunt and the boys talk about death and what it means to be there for family.

What do you think about God when you expect Him to heal and He doesn’t?


Then the guys talk about a fake article where a Pastor who is a man is having a baby with a man. He article turned out to be false but the discussion takes a turn about fake news and the necessity to have open dialogue no matter if we agree or not.

Then the boys rap about Game of Thrones (GoT) season finale…with a special appearance from Genna dressed as a geisha.

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EP52 Let’s Get Vulnerable

The boys start by celebrating a dead guy’s birthday. Fun because the guy invented the pap smear. Hope we don’t lose all the ladies on this one, but it was fun.

Weight loss goals – and the struggle with beer, with a shout out to Bell’s Brewing Co. We love you.

Sean explains his various wedding rings and why he wears each one.

Then we do a live promo for Sean. He discusses how he is not the best representation of the brand, but…he still loves the product, and explains why. Puravidabracelets.com and enter SEANLUNT20 at checkout to get 20% off your entire purchase!


The main topic of the podcast is Feelings. Michael gets transparent about grieving the loss of identity and reclaiming his love for using his voice…thanks to this podcast.

Michael get’s deeply personal, and Sean stretches his counseling wings…then, like a true friend, Sean gets just as vulnerable.

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EP51 Interview with Laurel Bietsch

Michael and & Sean interview Laurel Bietsch, the self appointed president of the fan club. Another everyday person exploring her life journey and what it means for her to be a part of the UnChurched community.

Laurel tells her story of growing up in church, leaving the four walls and how she lives out her faith today. And for the first time ever we have a guest get Satisfyingly Deep.



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EP50 Happy Mothers Day / Anniversary

Episode 50! Join Michael and Sean as they celebrate their milestone of reaching 50 episodes with playing a shot game. Feel free to play along!

Continuing the celebration they couldn’t let the episode play out without remembering all the moms. Happy Mothers Day!

As the shots keep flowing the convo gets, well…interesting and hopefully entertaining.


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EP49 Cinco De Mayo, Ramadan, & Salem MA

It’s Cinco De Mayo! As Michael and Sean catch up after Sean’s recent trip to Salem the boys find themselves going down a few rabbit holes.

Sean finally admits his lack of of knowledge about Ramadan and Michael gives a short history lesson.

Later in the conversation, Sean brings it back to Salem and the witch trials. It might not have gone down the way you think.

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EP48 True Fans vs Posers

Today is Sean Dizzle’s birthday, but he doesn’t like celebrating it. So, first off, send him some love at any of the links below.

Secret Time: Sean admits to being a Pyro and the boys talk about the joys of owning dogs and love of Target.

Fans vs Posers is about those who claim to be big fans, but don’t know basic things about who they claim to love. How does that translate to Christianity? Is church the same way?

How do we respond as True Fans of Christ to those who are obviously Posers?

People enjoy tribes and many people ascribe their worth to who they follow. True fans love and know about who they follow, while posers don’t. Should we call them out or let them be?

Truth be told, there are and always will be different level’s of intimacy in any relationship, so we have no room to judge. There is no competition. People love differently. So if a Poser says he/she loves Christ, then we let them be.

For a late topic, Michael and Sean discuss how “Outsiders” view Christians, and how some Christians are severely awkward and weird inter representation of Christ. But we all have a personal responsibility to live a life worthy of the Grace of God.


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