EP39 Stumbling Blocks & Personal Responsibility

In Ep39, Michael and wife, Genna, have an interesting conversation about being a stumbling block for weaker Christians and what personal responsibilities we have on both sides.


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Pause & Reflect w/Sean Dizzle

Cohost Sean Dizzle reflects on his vacation and shares some thoughts about life, faith, and the wonder of his creator. Take time to pause and reflect.


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EP38 Church & Racism

In Episode 38, Michael and Sean discuss reasons why Black Christians are leaving White churches. Can a black man be a missionary to an all white church?


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EP37 Guns & Stuff

In episode 37, Sean reveals his struggles with dyslexia and the boys discuss guns and gun laws in SO IL.


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EP36 Being A Part Of The Unchurched

Michael & Sean use themselves as test dummies for a new segment and answer questions that explain why they are a part of the UnChurched. Why are you a part of the UnChurched?


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EP35 Trump Gillette& MLK

Michael & Sean rant about the government shutdown, the recent Gillette commercial, and show mad respect for MLK.


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EP34 Convos With The Wives…

Michael and Sean said they wouldn’t have their wives on the podcast again…oops. They talk about anniversaries, new puppies, and the government shut down. Also, the ladies get side tracked with body part shaped gummy’s.


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EP33 It’s A New Year

Happy New Year! Michael and Sean have share some plans for the new year and chat about New Years goals.


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EP32 Birds, Beards, And Dead Missionries

Michael and Sean recap a joke from EP30 and clarify a comment from the president of their fan club. Then they get satisfyingly deep about a missionary who gave his life for the gospel. Was he successful? You be the judge.


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