EP31 Baby It’s Cold Outside

Michael and Sean talk about the #metoo movement trying to disrupt Christmas, Datelines #WWYD, and few other things. They also discover their self appointed president of the fan club.


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EP30 Pour A Drink For Episode 30

30 episodes in! Michael and Sean talk about a survey concerning drinking, and Sean gets Satisfyingly Deep. We also have some cool news…don’t worry its at the beginning of the episode.


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EP29 Holiday Traveling Patience

Michael & Sean catch up after Thanksgiving and express their shared views of rushing into Christmas. They also talk about traveling during the holidays and how Christ followers should respond.


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EP28 Happy Turkey Day

It’s Thanksgiving. Eat and be merry! Michael & Sean discuss the holiday and just hangout. Is it too early for Christmas?

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EP27 Honoring Vets & The Mosaic Of Faith

Michael and Sean show their respect for those in the armed forces who have served and continue to serve our great nation. They also explore the different versions of christianity in American culture and get satisfyingly deep. Also, stick around at the end, Michael gets deep with some bonus content.


Here’s a link to the song Michael refrenced  in the episode: The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot.

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EP 26 Midterm Voting

Did ya vote? Michael & Sean share their views on the midterms, voting, weed, and even a little bit about parenting. And of course, they get satisfyingly deep.

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EP25 Craftsmanship Is A Thing Of The Past

Michael shares a story about a trip to Tennessee, Sean nerds out about coffee, and they discuss craftsmanship. What is the future of our society?


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Halloween Special

Michael and Sean bring to you a special halloween episode. They go back to the origin of The Hallow Eve. Enjoy your halloween traditions and always be safe!


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EP24 Jesus Had A Job

Did Jesus have a job? Michael and Sean continue to explore the idea of ministry in America and how it should operate.


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EP23 I Left The Church Not God

Michael and Sean explore their views on leaving the “church” and why others in ministry seem to not understand. Is there only one way to do ministry?

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