EP02 Detroit vs The Church

In the episode, Sean compares the city of Detroit to the way most church methods fail. We also explore the mindset of the common “we have the answer and we’re here to help but you have to do it our way” debacle. Do intensions of doing good get lost in closed mindsets?

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EP01 Pilot

Hey there! Thanks for joining us. We uploaded our first episode of the UnChurched Podcast and we can’t wait to continue producing more content! As pilot episodes usually go, we took some time to introduce ourselves and hopefully set the tone of what can be expected going forward. At the end of the day we are just two friends catching up on life and discussing the state of the “church”, or should we say the culture of the organization of said church, in todays American society. We believe there is a thriving culture that is just beginning to emerge from the wake of perhaps those before us who have become so caught up in religion they don’t even realize it. Our aim is to cultivate conversation and examine the actions of “church” with the Holy Bible as our microscope. Church is not a building. People are. Screw the building. We’re the UnChurched.


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