We are two fellows with a background in church. Trained in the art of ministry who question how church is done in America. We look forward to questioning, struggling, and discovering what it means to BE the church in our culture.

Mickey Hizzle

Host, Author

Michael holds a Doctorate in Counseling and enjoys questioning social and emotional issues. From questioning how church operates in our culture to being the church he aims to spread the gospel of Christ.


Sean Dizzle

Co-host, Social Media

Sean grew up in church and attended a ministry program in FL. He had the privilege of traveling the Nation and participating in various ministry activities. Through his journey he began to challenge how “church” was done in America and it’s role in it’s community. Still seeking answers, he try’s to find them by re-examining the church in our culture today based on biblical principles.


Want to join the convo?

In our efforts to stay true to keeping the conversation going we’d like to have someone like you join us on an episode. What do ya say?

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