EP197: Christians & COVID

Christians and covid…let’s talk about it. Is there a correlation between old school Christianity and a lack of caring for what’s actually happening in the world? Is praying the virus away and claiming it be gone in the name of Jesus enough? After all, there’s power in the name of Jesus. Sean goes on aContinue reading “EP197: Christians & COVID”

EP193: Is It Over Yet?

Hopefully, this is the last time we will discuss politics. Covid is still a thing and the election was a good distraction, but now we have to get back to “flattening the curve”. California is still on fire. Massachusetts had an earthquake. Christian Prophets are declaring that God has said, “Trump will remain Potus”. But,Continue reading “EP193: Is It Over Yet?”

EP142 Blow Away COVID19

After technical difficulties, we have a bald guy update! Some preachers are giving Chrisitans a bad name…”blowing away” covid. How do you think Jesus would go about healing people today of the virus? Video chat has become more prevalent. Are you doing it and do you feel like it will continue after this virus isContinue reading “EP142 Blow Away COVID19”