EP81 But I’m Not A Jew

So, we missed Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. So, we are back tracking to talk about it in an effort to be decent Christians. This time of year we should look in the mirror and make some changes. We should make amends in relationships with family and friends. We should run to God’s open armsContinue reading “EP81 But I’m Not A Jew”

EP75 Tracks On Tracks

General Maximus is in the director’s chair. Sean had a great weekend with our friend Ben Horgan from EP63. Michael gets a citation that was really weird. And it was intriguing enough for him to share it with Sean. This leads to a convo about handing out tracks and evangelising like the old days. HowContinue reading “EP75 Tracks On Tracks”

EP74 Interview Melissa Doan

Welcome to the World Maximus Levi. Sean is getting into conspiracy theories. But we can’t talk about it because we don’t agree and don’t have enough time on this episode. We interview Melissa, who shares her story growing up in church, attending as an adult, and her eventual exodus from the four walls. Dont forgetContinue reading “EP74 Interview Melissa Doan”

EP69 Kenosis Theory

Baby H is coming and there is still work to do to get the house in order. Sean finds an article that debunks the “gay gene” and the boys talk about the necessity to justify one’s choices. Why do we consider homosexuality a deal breaker in faith? What does it mean to be affirming? WhereContinue reading “EP69 Kenosis Theory”

EP68 Interview With Kevin Bietsch

This week Michael and Sean interview Kevin Bietsch, husband to the president of the fan club. Michael and Kevin bro-out early on and talk about hunting, guns, and sports but if that’s not your thing (sorta like Sean) just wait for the real convo to begin. Kevin shares his story and we discuss his willingnessContinue reading “EP68 Interview With Kevin Bietsch”

EP67 Question What You Think

Nature is a cruel bitch and the boys question why God created certain things in the world. Not questioning his sovereignty but talking about the sucky parts of it. Job is a perfect example of crap and faith. And there are just certain things we will never understand.  The boys take a hard transition toContinue reading “EP67 Question What You Think”

EP66 Tarnishing The Message Of the Bible Part 2

Sean and Michael bring you a mid week rant with a few thoughts concerning the previous episode, EP65. Sean explains some of his views about church in western American culture and why “christians” need to do their own research to discover a true relationship with Christ. Michael talks about Romas 8 and what Christ isContinue reading “EP66 Tarnishing The Message Of the Bible Part 2”

EP65 Tarnishing The Message Of the Bible

Sean and Michael catch up after a couple weeks of not recording. Michael buys a new knife set and Sean wonders how quickly it will fail. Sean gets nostalgic about PB&J. Michael learns about sweat bees, and Sean gives a lesson on mosquitos and etiquette. Sean rants about QT movies, and the conversation shifts toContinue reading “EP65 Tarnishing The Message Of the Bible”

EP64 Tom Collins, 007, & What Ministry Should Be

Sean discovers Tom Collins…but puts his own twist on it. Call it, the “Sean’s Tom Collins”. Then the boys discuss movies and generations. Which leads to a convo about the new 007 movie with Lashana Lynch….side bar, Sean tells a story of how he was named after Sean Connery, but everyone initially thought he wasContinue reading “EP64 Tom Collins, 007, & What Ministry Should Be”

EP59 Confidence & Other Peoples Opinions

The boys talk beer and social media followers. Trying to grow organically through likes and shares. So, we shamelessly ask for help. Sean encourages Michael to do ASMR. It’s kinda weird, but there apparently is an audience for it. Maybe there is a chance to do something different. Use promo code: SEANLUNT20 at checkout forContinue reading “EP59 Confidence & Other Peoples Opinions”