EP57 Salvation Outside Of The Church

Sean has a Voodoo Ranger, but thinks it’s a founder. Secret: it’s from New Belgium Brewing. But it’s ok, he talks in a terribly Spanish accent. It leads to a plan for the recording in SO IL where we’ll taste test the famous All Day IPA vs All Night IPA from Founders Brewing. Then theContinue reading “EP57 Salvation Outside Of The Church”

EP54 Babel To Me Baby

Michael and Sean catch up and crack jokes about water. They nerd out about languages and Michael speaks a little portuguese. That leads to a conversation about the tower of Babel. Why do we have different languages? Did they really try to build a literal “tower” or was it some other technology they obtained toContinue reading “EP54 Babel To Me Baby”

Interview With Drew Winston

Welcome to the show Drew Winston! Michael and Sean talk with Drew about his faith, explore why he left church, how his faith has changed and more. You can find Drew on facebook, just search Drew Winston Photography. Don’t forget to like and subscribe wherever you listen! If ya do you might just get aContinue reading “Interview With Drew Winston”

EP40 Being A Part Of The Unchurched Part 2

E P Four Zero UnChurched is your hero! Michael & Sean answer a few more questions about being a part of the unchurched that they will be using for upcoming interviews. Like and follow wherever you listen and you might just get a shoutout on the podcast. We love hearing from our listeners! Drop usContinue reading “EP40 Being A Part Of The Unchurched Part 2”

EP39 Stumbling Blocks & Personal Responsibility

In Ep39, Michael and wife, Genna, have an interesting conversation about being a stumbling block for weaker Christians and what personal responsibilities we have on both sides. We would love to hear your thoughts! Just fill in the info below and click submit. Also we’ll show some love on the podcast by shouting you out.Continue reading “EP39 Stumbling Blocks & Personal Responsibility”