EP27 Honoring Vets & The Mosaic Of Faith

Michael and Sean show their respect for those in the armed forces who have served and continue to serve our great nation. They also explore the different versions of christianity in American culture and get satisfyingly deep. Also, stick around at the end, Michael gets deep with some bonus content. Here’s a link to theContinue reading “EP27 Honoring Vets & The Mosaic Of Faith”

EP19 Conspiracy Theories & God

Would you believe in God if he came to your house for diner? Michael and Sean also talk about Bigfoot and share a possible encounter from someone they know. If you like our conversation, consider leaving us a review or giving us a like wherever you listen to podcasts. Thanks!   Would you like toContinue reading “EP19 Conspiracy Theories & God”

EP16 Protests & The Christian Response

Michael and Sean are ready for some football but they’re curious about the silent protests and the NFL ruling. They talk protests and explore how Christians respond. How should they respond? Leave a review on iTunes and we’ll give ya a shoutout on the podcast. Thanks!   How do you think Christians should respond?

EP14 When God Is Silent Part 1

hy does God allow bad things to happen if He is such a loving God? What do we do when God is silent? Michael and Sean explore these questions and more as well as get Satisfyingly Deep.   God On Mute by Pete Creig a.co/bDEYIKZ Professional Voice Over Production House: hotmikecity.com What are your thoughts?Continue reading “EP14 When God Is Silent Part 1”

Questions from Sean

Growing up in the church, more specifically the Pentecostal church, I have heard my fair share of sermons, sat in many pot luck dinners, attended classes, played drums and lead worship, preached, served in almost every way possible and even studied to become a pastor. Over the years, decades really, I came to learn oneContinue reading “Questions from Sean”