EP182: Celebrate The Bad

Fall is HereThe boys catch up after a couple weeks apart. Sean is angry with his mom for sheltering him from great music.  Church mindsets have to be challenged. One should be able to say how they feel and be honest about life. Personal ownership is key, without blowing smoke. Covid is beating up Illinois. Michigan isContinue reading “EP182: Celebrate The Bad”

EP168 Rescoping the Church

We missed Sunday, but that’s gotta be ok. Michael shouts out his moms. Sean and Brooke go on a treasure hunt. Michael is building a new privacy fence.  Sean gloats about his new TV a bit. Michael bought a 55”. Sean went home and bought the 65”. The boys talk about an interview from theContinue reading “EP168 Rescoping the Church”

EP120 Happy 1st Day of Spring

The boys declare themselves free of C-19. It’s the first day of Spring…well, on the day of this recording. Worldometer.info for the latest stats on the virus. The U.S. has gone from 2 cases to over 10,000 in a matter of weeks. Maybe this is a bigger deal than what we thought…but there still is aContinue reading “EP120 Happy 1st Day of Spring”