EP174 Pride Sandwiches

A/C is out at the Hines chateau. Trump wants to remove TikTok from America. Covid is still rampant. Sean braves a new pizza joint. tastemade.com Sports are starting back up. Life is weird. The boys discuss life in Covid and what they are doing to bide their time. Both are loving cooking playing Fortnight. The boysContinue reading “EP174 Pride Sandwiches”

EP173 Fortnite and Corona Talk

Sean and Michael are playing Fortnight. Sean is already better after one day of playing. Michael is super jelly. Michael had a birthday. He’s “38 & Feeling Great”. Covid is spiking. Some parents are having Covid parties. But, we should be discussing prevention, healthy diet, and sun exposure. All go towards defeating the virus. Sean isContinue reading “EP173 Fortnite and Corona Talk”

EP159 Happy Memorial Day

The boys get into some country, and discuss the merits of TikTok. Michael just returned from Phoenix. His niece graduated HS…and actually got to walk the stage. Stay at home orders are being extended. And politics are crazy these days. Trump gets tested for Covid. Michael is getting tested too. The boys wrap up withContinue reading “EP159 Happy Memorial Day”

EP158 Kinda Fed Up

Getting kinda fed up. Ready to leave the house, and ready to get off of punishment. Businesses are closed, yet money is being passed out like candy to keep the economy going. We have no idea the repercussions of our present actions. What will be the effects of a mandatory vaccine? Would you take it?YouContinue reading “EP158 Kinda Fed Up”