EP260: Like It or Love It

The boys catch up after yet another long break between recordings. It’s fall and the fire pits are lacking wood. They talk about releasing some blooper drops in December, “the slow month” and Michael has a long honey-do-list. Are you getting the third shot when it’s available? Also, Sean started a fantasy NHL league toContinue reading “EP260: Like It or Love It”

EP209: Breaking Proto

Michael breaks proto and goes to play bones with cousin Will. Are you taking risks hanging around different people? And how easy or hard is it to make the decision to take a risk? Relationships are essential. What are you doing to keep your relationships going? The boys can’t wait for spring. They’re dreaming ofContinue reading “EP209: Breaking Proto”

EP197: Christians & COVID

Christians and covid…let’s talk about it. Is there a correlation between old school Christianity and a lack of caring for what’s actually happening in the world? Is praying the virus away and claiming it be gone in the name of Jesus enough? After all, there’s power in the name of Jesus. Sean goes on aContinue reading “EP197: Christians & COVID”