EP244: Happy Birthday Uncle Berry

Today is Former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday. He’s throwing an outdoor party at Martha’s Vineyard that we were not invited to. Instead of celebrating his life and accomplishments, some are trash talking about the event due to the pandemic. Michael weighs in and shares some thoughts on the importance of community.

EP227: Ketchup Mustard

It’s called a “hangover”. Sean has fun in St. Louie and nerds out about cameras. Michael talks video. Then the convo goes to how crazy social media is. First Toilet paper, then hand sanitizer, now ketchup- restaurants around the country are struggling to get it because everyone has all the stock at home. This ofContinue reading “EP227: Ketchup Mustard”

EP209: Breaking Proto

Michael breaks proto and goes to play bones with cousin Will. Are you taking risks hanging around different people? And how easy or hard is it to make the decision to take a risk? Relationships are essential. What are you doing to keep your relationships going? The boys can’t wait for spring. They’re dreaming ofContinue reading “EP209: Breaking Proto”