EP179: What If We Changed Our Beliefs?

Sean gets Taco Bell. Why do they get such a bad rap? Sean also gets into smoking. First ribs, then his first pork butt.  Apparently, Ellen is a jerk. 3D vs 5D? So many people are gullible and so many are predators. They take advantage of the sheep.  There are things we believe just becauseContinue reading “EP179: What If We Changed Our Beliefs?”

EP169: Post 4th Hang

It’s been a long while since recording or even talking. The boys get back together after vacation and the holiday. Two openly gay black guys are running for congress. Is this a first? Is this a big deal to celebrate? Shouldn’t it already be a thing if it’s not?shorturl.at/bevyB Sean is now a licensed officiant.Continue reading “EP169: Post 4th Hang”

EP168 Rescoping the Church

We missed Sunday, but that’s gotta be ok. Michael shouts out his moms. Sean and Brooke go on a treasure hunt. Michael is building a new privacy fence.  Sean gloats about his new TV a bit. Michael bought a 55”. Sean went home and bought the 65”. The boys talk about an interview from theContinue reading “EP168 Rescoping the Church”

EP130 Keep Yo Head Up

What is the world record for belching? Sean introduces a new game….”how much is this guy worth?” It’s a good shot game. You make the rules. The boys change topics to thankfulness and generosity during hard times. Michael shares a reading that puts the current crisis in perspective. It’s a different world and no matter how muchContinue reading “EP130 Keep Yo Head Up”

EP118 Close Everything!

Sean has a new toy. He also has a cough, but he declares himself Corona free. Small businesses are going to suffer. The State of IL has declared a state of emergency and all the bars and restaurants will be closed to the public. This leads to a discussion on productivity with technology and working fromContinue reading “EP118 Close Everything!”