EP130 Keep Yo Head Up

What is the world record for belching? Sean introduces a new game….”how much is this guy worth?” It’s a good shot game. You make the rules. The boys change topics to thankfulness and generosity during hard times. Michael shares a reading that puts the current crisis in perspective. It’s a different world and no matter how muchContinue reading “EP130 Keep Yo Head Up”

EP118 Close Everything!

Sean has a new toy. He also has a cough, but he declares himself Corona free. Small businesses are going to suffer. The State of IL has declared a state of emergency and all the bars and restaurants will be closed to the public. This leads to a discussion on productivity with technology and working fromContinue reading “EP118 Close Everything!”

EP117 Authority & God’s Sovereignty

TP is disappearing, but Sean and Brooke get lucky. Coronavirus is causing mass hysteria. The boys go back to their previous conversation about the spiritual realm and having authority in Christ. Does an UnChurched believer still have spiritual authority? When we pray, we should consider not only our faith and confidence in God’s ability, butContinue reading “EP117 Authority & God’s Sovereignty”

EP116 Coronavírus, Kleptomania & the Spiritual Realm

Coronavirus scare. Is it media hype, or is there really a problem?Sean and Michael discuss kleptomania.  Michael gives his thoughts on the church’s failure in preparing kids for the dangers of the spiritual world. We need to talk to our kids about spiritual things. There is a difference between spirits and demons.  Because of Jesus’Continue reading “EP116 Coronavírus, Kleptomania & the Spiritual Realm”

EP115 Relationships With Your Grocer

Michael loses more weight and Sean has an altercation in a gas station. A grocery store removes all self checkout machines in order to foster community and relationship between customers and staff. Human interaction being the focus. If you want to read the article click the link. ⤵️ bit.ly/3aq2PmO Secret time: Sean loves to hateContinue reading “EP115 Relationships With Your Grocer”

EP114 Interpretation Is Open for Debate

The boys start out the gate talking about Sanders 2020…Barry, not Bernie! Possible Brooks for VP.  The boys eventually get to a conversation of truth. What’s important to salvation and what in the Bible seems to just be debatable? Do you defend the whole Bible when talking to people, or do you, like Michael, justContinue reading “EP114 Interpretation Is Open for Debate”

EP111 Church Lures

Max keeps throwing up on Michael and the Davids are rebranding. Michael is working on breaking 230. So, he’s starting an elimination diet to shed some LBs. Hard transition: technology in church. When church becomes about the “show”, we miss the “why” we do church. The production may bring people in, but it’s the gospelContinue reading “EP111 Church Lures”

EP110 Conspiracies Of GOVT & Church

Count Drac starts off the episode and Michael cracks a dad joke 🙄. Sean is settling into his new recording studio and promises to send Michael some Magic Dust from 17th BBQ. Prayers for the passengers of the Diamond Princess ship that is quarantined in Japan. Which leads to a conspiracy theory discussion of itsContinue reading “EP110 Conspiracies Of GOVT & Church”

EP109 Black History Month & Coronavirus

Sean has recovered from a bad bug of sorts…sorry we missed our Sunday EP. We shout-out the prez of the fan clubs B-day. Happy Birthday Laurel!   It’s black history month. We kinda talk about it…but not really. Then we talk about the Coronavirus. Is the cure Hot Totties? We don’t know….but we’ll try itContinue reading “EP109 Black History Month & Coronavirus”