EP84 Why We Won’t Drink Founders

Sean is no longer in Detroit and both the boys might be having separation anxiety but its all good. Founders brewing company is in trouble. An employee filed a wrongful termination suit against the company, and for good reason… Should you continue to support a company after you find out bad news about them? FoundersContinue reading “EP84 Why We Won’t Drink Founders”

EP83 Sean Visits Detroit Part 2

Sean is still in the D…and enjoying skittles during this podcast. Secret time, he dropped 3 on the floor. Sean took the wives to Eastern Market. There was a guy there preaching against abortion and condemning people to hell. So we talk about it.   Thoughts? Lets us know:

EP82 Sean Visits Detroit Part 1

Sean and Brooklyn show up with a ton of gifts. The boys catch up and smoke some meats. Sean asks for a straw for his drinks and it starts a rant about how plastic ruins the environment. Go back and listen to EP 72. We talk again about gun control and some of the emotionalContinue reading “EP82 Sean Visits Detroit Part 1”

EP61 Michael Visits SO IL

The boys are together again for a whole weekend and things get a little cray. This podcast is just the two of them catching up and having fun. Drinks are flowing and Jello shots have been eaten, but there is a disagreement on the proper technique. Michael is introduced to Big John and how lifeContinue reading “EP61 Michael Visits SO IL”