EP14 When God Is Silent Part 1

hy does God allow bad things to happen if He is such a loving God? What do we do when God is silent? Michael and Sean explore these questions and more as well as get Satisfyingly Deep.   God On Mute by Pete Creig a.co/bDEYIKZ Professional Voice Over Production House: hotmikecity.com What are your thoughts?Continue reading “EP14 When God Is Silent Part 1”

Questions from Sean

Growing up in the church, more specifically the Pentecostal church, I have heard my fair share of sermons, sat in many pot luck dinners, attended classes, played drums and lead worship, preached, served in almost every way possible and even studied to become a pastor. Over the years, decades really, I came to learn oneContinue reading “Questions from Sean”

EP10 No Labels

Michael is reading a book about christians labeling “outsiders” aka pagans, or sinners, or the lost. Oh how easy it is to hurt your witness before you even have a chance. Makes us wonder what Jesus would do. Oh wait, we already know what he did! unChristian: http://www.amazon.com/unChristian-Gener…ers/dp/0801072719 Don’t forget to leave a review onContinue reading “EP10 No Labels”

EP09 A Theory On Millennials & The Church

Michael and Sean explore a theory about generation gaps and the impact they have and had. Why are most millennials leaving church? We might not have the answer but we do have a theory. We referenced an article that Sean wrote which can be found here: p27podcast   Whats your theory? Let us know…