EP108 Just Need A Break

Sean is recording in his new studio. Michael has a great joke, even though he doesn’t tell it correctly…and barely delivers the punch line. Super Bowl talk: Sean misses most of it, Michael had a blast with a party, cigars, and a great “dad” moment.   The boys transition to being selfish vs being selfless.Continue reading “EP108 Just Need A Break”

EP70 Thoughts From A Potty Break

The boys get super introspective out the gate. Can you say that you are a patient person if your patience never gets tested? Do you make excuses for your behavior or do you rise to the challenge and exercise your virtues? Then the boys start a discussion on how to filter through the virtue challenges.Continue reading “EP70 Thoughts From A Potty Break”

EP52 Let’s Get Vulnerable

The boys start by celebrating a dead guy’s birthday. Fun because the guy invented the pap smear. Hope we don’t lose all the ladies on this one, but it was fun. Weight loss goals – and the struggle with beer, with a shout out to Bell’s Brewing Co. We love you. Sean explains his variousContinue reading “EP52 Let’s Get Vulnerable”