EP169: Post 4th Hang

It’s been a long while since recording or even talking. The boys get back together after vacation and the holiday. Two openly gay black guys are running for congress. Is this a first? Is this a big deal to celebrate? Shouldn’t it already be a thing if it’s not?shorturl.at/bevyB Sean is now a licensed officiant.Continue reading “EP169: Post 4th Hang”

EP93 Happy Turkey Day

Smoked or baked? That is the question. Max Hizzle shits in the doc office. Of course, dad recorded the moment.   2019 is almost over. The podcast has over 5k plays. And Sean’s old podcast “P27” is still getting plays. This is all pretty weird. But we are grateful. What are we thankful for? LetContinue reading “EP93 Happy Turkey Day”

EP50 Happy Mothers Day / Anniversary

Episode 50! Join Michael and Sean as they celebrate their milestone of reaching 50 episodes with playing a shot game. Feel free to play along! Continuing the celebration they couldn’t let the episode play out without remembering all the moms. Happy Mothers Day! As the shots keep flowing the convo gets, well…interesting and hopefully entertaining.Continue reading “EP50 Happy Mothers Day / Anniversary”

EP29 Holiday Traveling Patience

Michael & Sean catch up after Thanksgiving and express their shared views of rushing into Christmas. They also talk about traveling during the holidays and how Christ followers should respond. Like us, love us, and leave a freak’n review! We’ll give ya a shout out on an episode.