EP74 Interview Melissa Doan

Welcome to the World Maximus Levi. Sean is getting into conspiracy theories. But we can’t talk about it because we don’t agree and don’t have enough time on this episode. We interview Melissa, who shares her story growing up in church, attending as an adult, and her eventual exodus from the four walls. Dont forgetContinue reading “EP74 Interview Melissa Doan”

EP68 Interview With Kevin Bietsch

This week Michael and Sean interview Kevin Bietsch, husband to the president of the fan club. Michael and Kevin bro-out early on and talk about hunting, guns, and sports but if that’s not your thing (sorta like Sean) just wait for the real convo to begin. Kevin shares his story and we discuss his willingnessContinue reading “EP68 Interview With Kevin Bietsch”

EP64 Tom Collins, 007, & What Ministry Should Be

Sean discovers Tom Collins…but puts his own twist on it. Call it, the “Sean’s Tom Collins”. Then the boys discuss movies and generations. Which leads to a convo about the new 007 movie with Lashana Lynch….side bar, Sean tells a story of how he was named after Sean Connery, but everyone initially thought he wasContinue reading “EP64 Tom Collins, 007, & What Ministry Should Be”

EP51 Interview with Laurel Bietsch

Michael and & Sean interview Laurel Bietsch, the self appointed president of the fan club. Another everyday person exploring her life journey and what it means for her to be a part of the UnChurched community. Laurel tells her story of growing up in church, leaving the four walls and how she lives out herContinue reading “EP51 Interview with Laurel Bietsch”

EP45 Interview With Genna Hines

Genna Hines, co-host Michaels wife, shares her story. From leaving the four walls of the American church to creating community in her neighborhood we explore how she is navigating life “post church”.   Subscribe wherever you listen and leave a review for a shoutout on the podcast. Also, wanna get in touch or ask aContinue reading “EP45 Interview With Genna Hines”