EP136 Could Be Better, Could Be Worse

The resurrection is hard to believe. We require proof. Something people still struggle with. But you can’t believe in Jesus without believing in His death, burial and resurrection.  There will be no hosted Easter dinner for the Hines’ House. Sheltering in place is still the right move. But, we are still connected to one another. Continue reading “EP136 Could Be Better, Could Be Worse”

EP135 Good Friday

The boys talk for almost 15 minutes on a good conversation before hitting the record button. Forget the recap, they jump right into Good Friday and the suffering of Christ. Peter’s denial of Christ dominated Sean’s thoughts on the subject. We all have our “Peter” moments that are part of our spiritual journey. The boysContinue reading “EP135 Good Friday”

EP65 Tarnishing The Message Of the Bible

Sean and Michael catch up after a couple weeks of not recording. Michael buys a new knife set and Sean wonders how quickly it will fail. Sean gets nostalgic about PB&J. Michael learns about sweat bees, and Sean gives a lesson on mosquitos and etiquette. Sean rants about QT movies, and the conversation shifts toContinue reading “EP65 Tarnishing The Message Of the Bible”

EP47 Passover Easter

It’s Easter Sunday. Let’s remember the real reason for remembering and honoring Christ’ sacrifice and what it means. Also, Michael shares one of his bucket list goals. They boys discuss their easter traditions growing up, the history of passover, share a few jokes, and explore easter history in American church culture. Share you tradition, giveContinue reading “EP47 Passover Easter”