EP92 Drew’s 2nd Podcast

Podcasting has become a chore, but we are still having fun! Drew and Sean crack open a bottle of 12 year old Irish Whiskey. Michael is Jealous. Sean still has not finished watching the past week’s Georgia game. But we talk about it anyway. Drew is a huge star wars fan, and we nerd outContinue reading “EP92 Drew’s 2nd Podcast”

EP56 Ride Sharing, Mary Jane, and Child Rearing

Michael and Sean starts up talking Uber vs Lyft. Michael decides his pronoun is “Them, They, Their”. The boys discuss Michael’s upcoming trip to SO IL. Marijuana is legal in there in January 2020. That leads to a discussion on legalization and weed and the Bible. Back to language: Why does Sean love swearing soContinue reading “EP56 Ride Sharing, Mary Jane, and Child Rearing”

EP54 Babel To Me Baby

Michael and Sean catch up and crack jokes about water. They nerd out about languages and Michael speaks a little portuguese. That leads to a conversation about the tower of Babel. Why do we have different languages? Did they really try to build a literal “tower” or was it some other technology they obtained toContinue reading “EP54 Babel To Me Baby”