EP165 Honoring Juneteenth

Michael goes solo in celebration of Juneteenth, the 155th celebration of the emancipation of black slaves in America. He breaks down the history and gives some pointed direction on how to celebrate the day. He also discusses “white guilt” vs advocacy.  Juneteenth: www.juneteenth.com/history.htmThe Middle Passage: www.juneteenth.com/middlep.htmThe 1619 Project: nyti.ms/3dd6PId

EP162 We Can’t Stop BLM

Michael’s last solo EP before a visit from Sean in the D. We can’t stop talking about this if we want to heal. Be uncomfortable and have some difficult conversations. It’s the only way we will move forward. Here are the articles discussed in today’s pod: Suspended Ft. Lauderdale cop: hrld.us/2MHpcu3Masked White Nationalist March with police escort: bit.ly/3f9O6yICandaceContinue reading “EP162 We Can’t Stop BLM”

EP161 Another Raw Convo

Michael has another solo convo and gives a bit more perspective on what it is like being black in America. He dispels some myths and provides some insight as to what is going on around the country today. It’s another tough podcast. But, some things still need to be said. Black Lives Matter. Armed burglarContinue reading “EP161 Another Raw Convo”

EP144 Life W/O Wifi Sucks

Happy Wednesday! We’re blaming all the recent technical issues on COVID19 while Mikey Hizzle is still without internet. Some good news, he just got a delivery he’s been waiting on. Sean Dizzle explores the way you pronounce “potato” vs “baked potato.” The boys discuss how dependent we all are on technology and it’s convenience inContinue reading “EP144 Life W/O Wifi Sucks”

EP52 Let’s Get Vulnerable

The boys start by celebrating a dead guy’s birthday. Fun because the guy invented the pap smear. Hope we don’t lose all the ladies on this one, but it was fun. Weight loss goals – and the struggle with beer, with a shout out to Bell’s Brewing Co. We love you. Sean explains his variousContinue reading “EP52 Let’s Get Vulnerable”