Questions from Sean

Growing up in the church, more specifically the Pentecostal church, I have heard my fair share of sermons, sat in many pot luck dinners, attended classes, played drums and lead worship, preached, served in almost every way possible and even studied to become a pastor. Over the years, decades really, I came to learn oneContinue reading “Questions from Sean”

EP08 Televangelists & Tubes Full of Demons

We jump right in to a conversation about 2 televangelists and their $54 million jet. Sean made a montage that sums up the tv preachers mindsets and reveals just how insane they seem to be. How far is too far and who really believes this crap? We also, of course, get satisfyingly deep and hopefullyContinue reading “EP08 Televangelists & Tubes Full of Demons”

EP01 Pilot

Hey there! Thanks for joining us. We uploaded our first episode of the UnChurched Podcast and we can’t wait to continue producing more content! As pilot episodes usually go, we took some time to introduce ourselves and hopefully set the tone of what can be expected going forward. At the end of the day weContinue reading “EP01 Pilot”