EP232: Happy Mothers Day

Shout out to all the moms for Mom’s Day. Near or far, let’s celebrate. And don’t forget the moms who have lost their children to different circumstances. Our love and hearts to them as well. Today also marks three years of the podcast. Over 15k plays over three years. The boys rap about the journeyContinue reading “EP232: Happy Mothers Day”

EP155 Podversary & Mother’s Day

Roy Horn is dead, and Tiger King is the most watched show during quarantine. Michael is upset with Sean because he hasn’t watched Mandalorian, and Brooklyn has NOT seen any of the Star Wars movies. On another note…Little Richie died. He didn’t die of Covid, but some believe that the numbers for it’s casualties areContinue reading “EP155 Podversary & Mother’s Day”

EP50 Happy Mothers Day / Anniversary

Episode 50! Join Michael and Sean as they celebrate their milestone of reaching 50 episodes with playing a shot game. Feel free to play along! Continuing the celebration they couldn’t let the episode play out without remembering all the moms. Happy Mothers Day! As the shots keep flowing the convo gets, well…interesting and hopefully entertaining.Continue reading “EP50 Happy Mothers Day / Anniversary”