EP56 Ride Sharing, Mary Jane, and Child Rearing

Michael and Sean starts up talking Uber vs Lyft. Michael decides his pronoun is “Them, They, Their”. The boys discuss Michael’s upcoming trip to SO IL. Marijuana is legal in there in January 2020. That leads to a discussion on legalization and weed and the Bible. Back to language: Why does Sean love swearing soContinue reading “EP56 Ride Sharing, Mary Jane, and Child Rearing”

EP55 Happy F#@!’n Fathers Day

Michael and Sean celebrate Father’s day…well, sorta. In this episode, you’ll get a couple different perspectives based on two separate experiences with fathers. We discover that all Fathers love sexting. And Sean loves “ball juice”. Michael eats squirrel and passes the tradition down to his son. Kinda gross but at least he is introducing hisContinue reading “EP55 Happy F#@!’n Fathers Day”

EP29 Holiday Traveling Patience

Michael & Sean catch up after Thanksgiving and express their shared views of rushing into Christmas. They also talk about traveling during the holidays and how Christ followers should respond. Like us, love us, and leave a freak’n review! We’ll give ya a shout out on an episode.