EP115 Relationships With Your Grocer

Michael loses more weight and Sean has an altercation in a gas station. A grocery store removes all self checkout machines in order to foster community and relationship between customers and staff. Human interaction being the focus. If you want to read the article click the link. ⤵️ bit.ly/3aq2PmO Secret time: Sean loves to hateContinue reading “EP115 Relationships With Your Grocer”

EP109 Black History Month & Coronavirus

Sean has recovered from a bad bug of sorts…sorry we missed our Sunday EP. We shout-out the prez of the fan clubs B-day. Happy Birthday Laurel!   It’s black history month. We kinda talk about it…but not really. Then we talk about the Coronavirus. Is the cure Hot Totties? We don’t know….but we’ll try itContinue reading “EP109 Black History Month & Coronavirus”

EP100 Happy 100th

Happy Everything, especially episode 100. We have over 6,000 plays and we feel very fortunate to be going this long and to have such awesome listeners. Maybe, just maybe, if you were behind on eps, you took the time to catch up…maybe? The boys run through topics they missed like, the real meaning of ChristmasContinue reading “EP100 Happy 100th”

EP98 Pooping and Deadly Tweets

Sean is back from Florida, his home state. The boys randomly talk about poop frequency and times. It gets weird. Secret time at 5min. 7min. 12min. 17min. The boys talk about a man who received a tweet that caused him a seizure. Big drama in little twitter town. Here is the article. wapo.st/2Es80oj Check itContinue reading “EP98 Pooping and Deadly Tweets”

EP97 Is Feeding The Homeless A Crime?

The boys start off nerdy with dad jokes. Enjoy. Sean is enjoying nature. Michael has a nightly visitor that took him a few days to figure out what it was. Believe it or not, rabbits don’t lay eggs. Sean & Brooklyn are on their way to Florida. He’s most excited to see his grandparents. TheContinue reading “EP97 Is Feeding The Homeless A Crime?”

EP95 Change Your Mind

Did you take advantage of black Friday or Cyber Monday? Maybe its a new thing, but couples are foregoing buying gifts for each other and saving their money on other things. Sean and Brooklyn are saving for a trip. Michael is buying stuff to automate their home.  Sean gives an update on the Indian moonContinue reading “EP95 Change Your Mind”

EP94 Turkey Recap

We do a turkey recap since the boys missed a recording. Sorry, not sorry.   Sometimes we have to force ourselves to be social at family gatherings. Why is that? There are some places we go and have to be guarded. It gets annoying having to wear a face for family. Performance orientation sucks. SoContinue reading “EP94 Turkey Recap”

EP91 “Man Of God”

Sean still has not caught up on last weekend’s football. Some people are finding our podcast and hate it. And that’s ok with us. It’s difficult for some to hang with bad language. But for those who can, we love to converse with you. The conversation goes back to football. NO Saints linebacker Demario DavisContinue reading “EP91 “Man Of God””