EP87 A Story Of Forgiveness

Sean tries his hand at smoking meat…in a crock-pot! The boys plan out their next interview. A guy gets wrongfully convicted of selling drugs and a cop gets his day in court for it. The boys explore the topic and discuss the power of God’s love to change us, and our ability to allow theContinue reading “EP87 A Story Of Forgiveness”

EP86 Dichotomy Of Judgment

Sean woke up to frost. But Detroit is still in Autumn. We remember Halloween and the joys of people having signs out in front of their yards…i.e. Sex offenders! This brings on a topic about how long a person should live unforgiven? We have the law that dictates probation periods or prison sentences. But howContinue reading “EP86 Dichotomy Of Judgment”

EP84 Why We Won’t Drink Founders

Sean is no longer in Detroit and both the boys might be having separation anxiety but its all good. Founders brewing company is in trouble. An employee filed a wrongful termination suit against the company, and for good reason… Should you continue to support a company after you find out bad news about them? FoundersContinue reading “EP84 Why We Won’t Drink Founders”

EP83 Sean Visits Detroit Part 2

Sean is still in the D…and enjoying skittles during this podcast. Secret time, he dropped 3 on the floor. Sean took the wives to Eastern Market. There was a guy there preaching against abortion and condemning people to hell. So we talk about it.   Thoughts? Lets us know:

EP74 Interview Melissa Doan

Welcome to the World Maximus Levi. Sean is getting into conspiracy theories. But we can’t talk about it because we don’t agree and don’t have enough time on this episode. We interview Melissa, who shares her story growing up in church, attending as an adult, and her eventual exodus from the four walls. Dont forgetContinue reading “EP74 Interview Melissa Doan”

EP71 Fighting Homelessness In Little Rock

The boys introduce their new Wednesday addition to the podcast. Now, UnChurched podcast can be heard every Sunday and Wednesday! It will be a shorty, but a goodie. Sean is following the ISRO – the Indian Space Rover that recently touched down on the moon…but, will it find anything? Then the topic ventures to LittleContinue reading “EP71 Fighting Homelessness In Little Rock”

EP70 Thoughts From A Potty Break

The boys get super introspective out the gate. Can you say that you are a patient person if your patience never gets tested? Do you make excuses for your behavior or do you rise to the challenge and exercise your virtues? Then the boys start a discussion on how to filter through the virtue challenges.Continue reading “EP70 Thoughts From A Potty Break”

EP69 Kenosis Theory

Baby H is coming and there is still work to do to get the house in order. Sean finds an article that debunks the “gay gene” and the boys talk about the necessity to justify one’s choices. Why do we consider homosexuality a deal breaker in faith? What does it mean to be affirming? WhereContinue reading “EP69 Kenosis Theory”