EP156 Generous Positivity

Bad sushi hits the house of Dizzle. Sean got Brooklyn to watch Star Wars. The boys nerd out about the best order to watch the series. Illinois shelter in place has been extended to mid june. Michigan will probably soon follow. Instakart has messed up for the last time. The Hines family is over it.Continue reading “EP156 Generous Positivity”

EP155 Podversary & Mother’s Day

Roy Horn is dead, and Tiger King is the most watched show during quarantine. Michael is upset with Sean because he hasn’t watched Mandalorian, and Brooklyn has NOT seen any of the Star Wars movies. On another note…Little Richie died. He didn’t die of Covid, but some believe that the numbers for it’s casualties areContinue reading “EP155 Podversary & Mother’s Day”

EP154 Quarantine Update: 21

Quarantine is getting boring. But states are starting to open up. So, that’s nice. Soft opens are risky. “I can only imagine”! Kinda had a sick moment.  Gronk comes out of retirement to join Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.  On a bright note, Ireland returns a 173 year old favor to help out some Native tribesContinue reading “EP154 Quarantine Update: 21”

EP153 COVID Tacos

MI opens May 15. Michael just wants a pedicure. Mask rules are in effect…so much so that you only notice when one doesn’t wear it. There is a lot of mask shame going on. Sean is exercising the 6ft shuffle. The boys discuss covid deaths and how the books may be cooked. People are dying,Continue reading “EP153 COVID Tacos”