EP150 Birthday Jokes & Defeating COVID

It’s Sean’s Birthday! He doesn’t like his birthday. Sean get’s Michael to tell inappropriate jokes (for his birthday). Facebook is competing with zoom. The boys discuss the necessity of video chat…especially in today’s pandemic. Sean found some money! Michael goes over his brother’s story, defeating covid.

EP148 Quarantine Update: 18

Starting off with a jello shot. So we are to disinfect all the boxes that come from amazon or instacart. Is it overkill? The boys discuss being cautious and not infecting the home. Then the boys rant about music and the “falling away” from playing instruments.Basically, Michael is far removed from modern day hip hop. This leadsContinue reading “EP148 Quarantine Update: 18”

EP147 Draft, Shelter & Ruts

Michael got his first tan of the season. Sean gives us a breakdown of the NFL draft. Fromm went to the Bills. Another guy went to the Colts. Michael is lost. Trump makes a stupid statement about taking chemicals interaveinioulsy. Then he issues a retraction. Shelter in place another 30 days? Sucks, but better thanContinue reading “EP147 Draft, Shelter & Ruts”

EP145 Quarantine Update: 16

Michael has an explosion after eating some bad cheese and the boys have a good laugh. Sean and Brooklyn have a bout with some “Spanish” food. Michael has internet again, now we can get back to work. Sean has his mojo back, so again, he’s the man! More deaths from Covid. How do the funeralsContinue reading “EP145 Quarantine Update: 16”

EP144 Life W/O Wifi Sucks

Happy Wednesday! We’re blaming all the recent technical issues on COVID19 while Mikey Hizzle is still without internet. Some good news, he just got a delivery he’s been waiting on. Sean Dizzle explores the way you pronounce “potato” vs “baked potato.” The boys discuss how dependent we all are on technology and it’s convenience inContinue reading “EP144 Life W/O Wifi Sucks”

EP141 Quarantine Update: 14

It’s 40 and snowing in Detroit. And “Black and Yellow” won’t leave the brain. How do you get a song out of your head? Sean says to “listen to it”. Sean has a new toy…no, not that kind. Michael still can’t get a brisket from Costco. Will we all get this virus? Or will itContinue reading “EP141 Quarantine Update: 14”