EP138 Quarantine Update: 11

Windy day to record and no one feels it as much as Sean Dizzle. Sean shaved his hair bald. So the boys discuss techniques. Sean updates us on his sober week. He gettin his sexy back. The boys transition to a NYT article about farmers destroying food they can’t sell. You can check out theContinue reading “EP138 Quarantine Update: 11”

EP137 Quarantine Update: 11

Started the show off with a jello shot in honor of Sean taking a week off of drinking. He’s also gonna get up early and get back to working out. Winning. Something all of us can aspire to do. When you see Sean, ask him about the restaurant, Atomic Chicken. This leads to a fewContinue reading “EP137 Quarantine Update: 11”

EP132 Quarantine Update: 9

Michael rolls solo and discusses how important it is to stay prayerful during this time. His brother is infected with C-19. And many families are carrying the weight of not being able to be there for loved ones.  Life is shorter. C-19 is shorter. Michael discusses what he is doing to take advantage of theContinue reading “EP132 Quarantine Update: 9”

EP130 Keep Yo Head Up

What is the world record for belching? Sean introduces a new game….”how much is this guy worth?” It’s a good shot game. You make the rules. The boys change topics to thankfulness and generosity during hard times. Michael shares a reading that puts the current crisis in perspective. It’s a different world and no matter how muchContinue reading “EP130 Keep Yo Head Up”

EP129 Quarantine Update: 7

One good thing about this quarantine is that we are able to record. Since the town is shut down, Sean is not able to get his dogs nails trimmed.  The boys discuss the differences in introverts and extroverts during the shelter in place. Sean misses fires in his new town.  The Governor of Florida deems churchesContinue reading “EP129 Quarantine Update: 7”