EP158 Kinda Fed Up

Getting kinda fed up. Ready to leave the house, and ready to get off of punishment. Businesses are closed, yet money is being passed out like candy to keep the economy going. We have no idea the repercussions of our present actions. What will be the effects of a mandatory vaccine? Would you take it?YouContinue reading “EP158 Kinda Fed Up”

EP147 Draft, Shelter & Ruts

Michael got his first tan of the season. Sean gives us a breakdown of the NFL draft. Fromm went to the Bills. Another guy went to the Colts. Michael is lost. Trump makes a stupid statement about taking chemicals interaveinioulsy. Then he issues a retraction. Shelter in place another 30 days? Sucks, but better thanContinue reading “EP147 Draft, Shelter & Ruts”