EP82 Sean Visits Detroit Part 1

Sean and Brooklyn show up with a ton of gifts. The boys catch up and smoke some meats. Sean asks for a straw for his drinks and it starts a rant about how plastic ruins the environment. Go back and listen to EP 72. We talk again about gun control and some of the emotionalContinue reading “EP82 Sean Visits Detroit Part 1”

EP80 Selflessness

Shep Smith quit fox news and Michael talks about Potus response. Sean brings up “dude wipes”…and they should sponsor us… then we bring back “secret time”. Sean eventually gets to a point and is still talking about scary movies in prep for Halloween. But…he’s never seen the classics. Michael gives a bunch of spoiler alertsContinue reading “EP80 Selflessness”

EP76 Thoughts From The Mind Of Sean David

Happy Fall! Sean is enjoying the fall colors in SO IL and Michael is spending his time making wood projects to pay for a new smoker. Maximus makes another appearance on the podcast.   Sean has a few random thoughts and the boys have some fun dissecting them. 1 Corinthians 10:23 applies well to theContinue reading “EP76 Thoughts From The Mind Of Sean David”

EP70 Thoughts From A Potty Break

The boys get super introspective out the gate. Can you say that you are a patient person if your patience never gets tested? Do you make excuses for your behavior or do you rise to the challenge and exercise your virtues? Then the boys start a discussion on how to filter through the virtue challenges.Continue reading “EP70 Thoughts From A Potty Break”