EP25 Craftsmanship Is A Thing Of The Past

Michael shares a story about a trip to Tennessee, Sean nerds out about coffee, and they discuss craftsmanship. What is the future of our society? Like what ya hear? Leave us a review and we’ll give you a shout out on the podcast. Wanna get in touch? Fill in the info below and click submit.

EP19 Conspiracy Theories & God

Would you believe in God if he came to your house for diner? Michael and Sean also talk about Bigfoot and share a possible encounter from someone they know. If you like our conversation, consider leaving us a review or giving us a like wherever you listen to podcasts. Thanks!   Would you like toContinue reading “EP19 Conspiracy Theories & God”

EP18 Rest In Peace

Sean is back and he brought his wife. For the first time ever we have both wives joining the conversation as we discuss 9-11, and traumatic life changing circumstances. This episode is dedicated to all those who suffered the events of 9-11 and to Asher David, you will never be forgotten. You can find someContinue reading “EP18 Rest In Peace”

EP17 The Queen of Souls & The Wife’s First Podcast

Michael welcomes his better half and discusses the Queen of Soul, drama at the funeral, and ….for some fun, marriage. Leave a review on iTunes and we’ll give ya a shoutout on the podcast. Thanks!   Thoughts, topics, just want to say hey? Drop us a line.

EP16 Protests & The Christian Response

Michael and Sean are ready for some football but they’re curious about the silent protests and the NFL ruling. They talk protests and explore how Christians respond. How should they respond? Leave a review on iTunes and we’ll give ya a shoutout on the podcast. Thanks!   How do you think Christians should respond?