EP156 Generous Positivity

Bad sushi hits the house of Dizzle. Sean got Brooklyn to watch Star Wars. The boys nerd out about the best order to watch the series. Illinois shelter in place has been extended to mid june. Michigan will probably soon follow. Instakart has messed up for the last time. The Hines family is over it.Continue reading “EP156 Generous Positivity”

EP153 COVID Tacos

MI opens May 15. Michael just wants a pedicure. Mask rules are in effect…so much so that you only notice when one doesn’t wear it. There is a lot of mask shame going on. Sean is exercising the 6ft shuffle. The boys discuss covid deaths and how the books may be cooked. People are dying,Continue reading “EP153 COVID Tacos”

EP150 Birthday Jokes & Defeating COVID

It’s Sean’s Birthday! He doesn’t like his birthday. Sean get’s Michael to tell inappropriate jokes (for his birthday). Facebook is competing with zoom. The boys discuss the necessity of video chat…especially in today’s pandemic. Sean found some money! Michael goes over his brother’s story, defeating covid.

EP144 Life W/O Wifi Sucks

Happy Wednesday! We’re blaming all the recent technical issues on COVID19 while Mikey Hizzle is still without internet. Some good news, he just got a delivery he’s been waiting on. Sean Dizzle explores the way you pronounce “potato” vs “baked potato.” The boys discuss how dependent we all are on technology and it’s convenience inContinue reading “EP144 Life W/O Wifi Sucks”

EP81 But I’m Not A Jew

So, we missed Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. So, we are back tracking to talk about it in an effort to be decent Christians. This time of year we should look in the mirror and make some changes. We should make amends in relationships with family and friends. We should run to God’s open armsContinue reading “EP81 But I’m Not A Jew”

EP75 Tracks On Tracks

General Maximus is in the director’s chair. Sean had a great weekend with our friend Ben Horgan from EP63. Michael gets a citation that was really weird. And it was intriguing enough for him to share it with Sean. This leads to a convo about handing out tracks and evangelising like the old days. HowContinue reading “EP75 Tracks On Tracks”

EP71 Fighting Homelessness In Little Rock

The boys introduce their new Wednesday addition to the podcast. Now, UnChurched podcast can be heard every Sunday and Wednesday! It will be a shorty, but a goodie. Sean is following the ISRO – the Indian Space Rover that recently touched down on the moon…but, will it find anything? Then the topic ventures to LittleContinue reading “EP71 Fighting Homelessness In Little Rock”