EP100 Happy 100th

Happy Everything, especially episode 100. We have over 6,000 plays and we feel very fortunate to be going this long and to have such awesome listeners. Maybe, just maybe, if you were behind on eps, you took the time to catch up…maybe? The boys run through topics they missed like, the real meaning of ChristmasContinue reading “EP100 Happy 100th”

EP56 Ride Sharing, Mary Jane, and Child Rearing

Michael and Sean starts up talking Uber vs Lyft. Michael decides his pronoun is “Them, They, Their”. The boys discuss Michael’s upcoming trip to SO IL. Marijuana is legal in there in January 2020. That leads to a discussion on legalization and weed and the Bible. Back to language: Why does Sean love swearing soContinue reading “EP56 Ride Sharing, Mary Jane, and Child Rearing”